Hello World!!!!!!!!!

Here I am, a blogger.  A new foray for me, but what better way to get the word out to the masses.  I am an unlikely blogger, as I am a huge procrastinator, but that’s also one of the reasons I waited until I was turning 40 to take off all the weight I started accumulating as a kid.  I’m a big saver, too, a pack-rat, if you will. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that when I was “saving” all that weight, I was losing myself in the process.  So at the age of 40, I decided to find “me”.

Honestly my procrastination issues have gotten much better, and I don’t feel the need to save things as much as I did (both people and things), but as they say – old habits die hard, and I work at keeping in shape and honing my organizational skills every day.  But I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, a Health Empowerment Coach…I help people set goals and get results.  Yep, my double-edged sword.  My life experience makes me great at what I do.  It also keeps me working at it just as hard as the people I work with.  I have the same triggers, issues, and concerns I’ve always had.  The only difference between then and now is how I look at them and how I deal with them.

My journey from then til now?…  Well that’s a story I shall unfold, and hopefully this blog will make others realize that the journey is MORE meaningful than the destination.  Even when you’ve “arrived”, aren’t there always further places to go?  Absofreakinlutely!!!  See ya soon!

Health and happiness, ~T*


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