Share Your Strengths

I love my tea tag quotes. They almost always give me some valuable wisdom, or a thought to ponder. My most recent quote gave me pause, “Only share your strengths, not your weaknesses”. Only share your strengths???? Whoa…hold everything! Why? Aren’t our weaknesses something to hold up, examine, and yes…even talk about?

Without our weaknesses how would we know where our strengths lie? I now understand that certain behaviors I exhibit are due to my weaknesses, and it only makes me want to work on them even more. If I get upset in a situation, rather then let it take over my life (okay, maybe briefly-after all, it is a process), I will ask myself, “where is this emotion coming from”? Once I get that answer from within, then I can have an intelligent dialogue, and I may even be a bit more articulate in expressing my feelings, because I have a greater understanding of myself. And having a greater understanding of myself, allows me to have closer and better relationships with people in my life, whether they be family, friends, or people I deal with in business.

Weakness has a certain connotation to it. No one wants to be thought of as weak, but I believe that acknowledging that fact is actually a strength. We need to allow that process of discovering our weaknesses or shortcomings, allow others that process without judgement, and to stop thinking of weakness as a negative.

So embrace your weaknesses and realize that by doing so, they will make you a stronger person!

Health and happiness,


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