My Famous Not Cheese Spread

This recipe just appeared in the food issue of The Boulevard, with Bobby Flay on the cover.
“Not Cheese Spread” is a quick and easy recipe, that will wow anyone at a party, and it’s gluten and dairy free! The kind of miso used, will determine the taste of the recipe. Miso also provides the saltiness. I prefer the sharpness of the 3 year aged dark, but experiment with different types to find what you like.
This recipe is nice as is, but instead of parsley, you can substitute basil and also mix in a finely chopped raw red pepper. The great thing about most raw food recipes is that they are so adaptable to change.

Not Cheese Spread

2 cups Brazil Nuts
2 Tbsp Miso (I used a 3 year aged dark)
1 Tbsp Nutritional Yeast
1/2 Cup Parsley
2 TBSP Olive Oil

Add ingredients to a food processor and process until smooth. Cheese should be thick and creamy. You may need to add a very small amount of water, just to get the processing started.

Serving idea: Place on plate, mold it into a ball, and serve with crackers. Keepin’ it raw option: Serve with veggies to dip, or make it a bit fancier by stuffing cherry tomatoes and celery sticks, and putting a small amount on cucumber slices. Then arrange nicely on a serving plate.

Tami Racaniello, Health Empowerment Coach, and Raw Foods Chef


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