Less Than…

I’ll never forget the time I showed some woman my wedding pic, and she said, “Wow, he must’ve really loved you. You were really heavy here.” What?? “Well, yes… you were so overweight, and he married you anyway.”

Wow… I guess that kind of summed up everything in my life up to that point. I felt “less than” being overweight, and here was confirmation that I was kind of worthless, so why would anyone want me?? And that’s how I felt back then. My self-esteem was horrible and it affected the choices I made in my life.

In my quest for acceptance, I listened to others, even though their advice was wrong for me. I put others first at my expense. And I believed the whole diet and fitness industry when they told me I was not worth a damn unless I was a certain weight and size.

Helloooo…pity party over folks! One day I just woke up and said, “I AM an awesome person, I AM worthy of love (love of myself and love from others), and the people that don’t think that have no place in my life!” Then I basically went against all the typical advice spewed out regarding weight loss, diets and exercise, and I felt better about myself, better about the foods I put into my body, and I am now so much healthier. I also lost over 100 pounds, but that wasn’t my primary goal.

The 60 billion dollar diet industry is designed to make people feel “less than”. The companies involved depend upon that for their survival. So here I am telling you that you are AWESOME! You are not “less than” anything or anyone because of your body size. Let’s define beauty ourselves, and not listen to what others say is beautiful! I applaud Jennifer Livingston, the news anchor in Wisconsin, for her eloquent reply to a viewer that told her she was not setting a good example with her body size. Don’t let anybody judge you. You are beautiful, and deserving of wonderful things in your life!

I want to show all women that they can and should be their own best health coach, that they have intuitive gifts they can apply to their own bodies, and they are strong, beautiful, and incredible at ANY size. I’m so excited to be doing workshops with these themes, either solo or in partnership with other fabulous coaches. Please look for the postings on https://www.facebook.com/ItsTimetoGetFitwithTami.

Now please give yourself a hug, and let yourself know how fabulous you are!

To your health and happiness,


~ Tami Racaniello, CPFT-HFI


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5 Responses to “Less Than…”

  1. John Rullo Says:

    I agree with most of what you say; people should love themselves and not be influenced by Madison Ave. Beauty is within, however, it is in someone’s best interest to try and stay slim and be very particular about what they eat. Eating nutritionally usually curbs hunger eliminating the desire to over-eat. We all should give ourselves a hug and at the same time be sure our arms are capable of getting around our bodies. Obesity leads to diabetes, heart conditions, etc. I know too many people who are in poor physical health due to their weight. So love yourself, but not too much of yourself.

    • tamirac Says:

      Thank you for your reply, John. I would encourage you to rethink the idea of slim being the model of health. A heavier person that is making positive diet changes and is active, will most likely be far healthier than a sedentary slim person that does not eat a nutritionally diverse diet. No matter what your size, it is essential to move often, and eat foods that are nutritionally dense most of the time. Eating less of the same poor diet may make a person lose weight, but not increase their health, and any health gains made by losing weight may only be temporary due to the continued lack of exercise and proper nutrition. Did you ever know someone that was considered normal weight that had a heart attack, high cholesterol, blocked arteries or diabetes? I have, and the comment is always “He/she isn’t overweight. I don’t understand why that happened?” People are under the false sense of security that skinny is healthy. This is the point I am making. No matter what the size, positive lifestyle changes are the answer. A number on the scale or a certain size does not equal health.

  2. Jessica Dempsey Says:

    I love your message! We are all fabulous!

  3. Michele Michael Says:

    Hell yeah Tammy. It’s all about the self love. Then we can take better care of everyone anyway.

  4. Laurinda Orlandi Bailey Handlik Says:

    Hello Tami – well stated… We, as woman, have and hold the power within. Now it’s time to show the world that we, in fact, matter!!! What we feel inside is what we show on the outside.


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