I am a certified personal trainer, and a Health Empowerment Coach. I also teach fitness classes, Pilates, and yoga. But this is now…Before that, until turning the age of 40, I was obese, sedentary, and depressed. My life’s journey from who I was, to where I am now, is a long and continuing one. I wanted to write about where I’ve been, the thoughts that went on in my mind, and if it can help someone else in the process, that’s great – a huge bonus.

I call this blog, “Tami Rac’s Real Life Fitness”. Tami Rac is me! – easy to figure out. Real Life Fitness means just that – real life, for real people. Being genuine in the quest for finding out who you really are. Fitness just doesn’t mean the physical aspect. The mental aspect needs to exist as well. When both are not considered, it leads to failure and frustration. Deal with the mental, and the physical will follow. Too often I see it being done the other way around. I was guilty of that too, and wondered why I could never get results. It was only until I looked within and changed my mindset that I started to get the results I was looking for. It’s amazing what can happen when you turn on your mind. So to paraphrase…Turn on (your mind), Tune in (to yourself), Drop Pounds (a beautiful by-product of learning to love yourself, and learning how to listen to your body).

Thanks for tuning in to my journey. Write in! I would love to hear if my blog is helpful to you, or if you have any questions for me.
Peace! Health! Happiness!


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