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Less Than…

October 10, 2012

I’ll never forget the time I showed some woman my wedding pic, and she said, “Wow, he must’ve really loved you. You were really heavy here.” What?? “Well, yes… you were so overweight, and he married you anyway.”

Wow… I guess that kind of summed up everything in my life up to that point. I felt “less than” being overweight, and here was confirmation that I was kind of worthless, so why would anyone want me?? And that’s how I felt back then. My self-esteem was horrible and it affected the choices I made in my life.

In my quest for acceptance, I listened to others, even though their advice was wrong for me. I put others first at my expense. And I believed the whole diet and fitness industry when they told me I was not worth a damn unless I was a certain weight and size.

Helloooo…pity party over folks! One day I just woke up and said, “I AM an awesome person, I AM worthy of love (love of myself and love from others), and the people that don’t think that have no place in my life!” Then I basically went against all the typical advice spewed out regarding weight loss, diets and exercise, and I felt better about myself, better about the foods I put into my body, and I am now so much healthier. I also lost over 100 pounds, but that wasn’t my primary goal.

The 60 billion dollar diet industry is designed to make people feel “less than”. The companies involved depend upon that for their survival. So here I am telling you that you are AWESOME! You are not “less than” anything or anyone because of your body size. Let’s define beauty ourselves, and not listen to what others say is beautiful! I applaud Jennifer Livingston, the news anchor in Wisconsin, for her eloquent reply to a viewer that told her she was not setting a good example with her body size. Don’t let anybody judge you. You are beautiful, and deserving of wonderful things in your life!

I want to show all women that they can and should be their own best health coach, that they have intuitive gifts they can apply to their own bodies, and they are strong, beautiful, and incredible at ANY size. I’m so excited to be doing workshops with these themes, either solo or in partnership with other fabulous coaches. Please look for the postings on

Now please give yourself a hug, and let yourself know how fabulous you are!

To your health and happiness,


~ Tami Racaniello, CPFT-HFI

How the Cookie Crumbles…

December 19, 2009

Been a while-hope y’all missed me (;
There was a time in my life that I could not pass a bakery without just getting “a little something”. “A little something” turned into a small bag or box of delectable bakery goodies, that invariably would never make it home. I had all good intentions, of course, but my willpower caved in every time, and before I knew it I was staring at an empty bag, or looking at crumbs in a box (Which I tipped out, and ate, btw. Bakery crumbs are a terrible thing to waste…).
I do manage to keep out of bakeries for the most part, but since it was Chanukah, I decided to go to the bakery to bring something home for the kids. Okay who was I kidding? I stopped to get a cup of tea, realized the shopping center I was in had the most amazing bakery, and I decided to walk into that bakery “just to look”.
Yeah…sugar was my white powder addiction, and just because I’m a health and fitness professional now, doesn’t mean that food cravings go away, or that trigger foods don’t still affect me. Food is a battle for me every day. Now I just control it better, and have a better attitude towards my body, and the food I eat.
So here I am looking at these beautiful and presumably yummy creations, and having flashbacks. Determined to fulfill my quest with no deviations (i.e. buying everything that called to me), I went up and ordered 2 beautifully decorated dreidel cookies. As I was paying, I noticed the plate filled with samples of all those gorgeous butter cookies. I really wanted something, and said (to myself), “You really want to have a cookie…have the sample and just really enjoy it”. I took it off the plate, admired the various colors of the sprinkles, felt the thickness of the cookie, and as I brought it to my mouth, I got a whiff of the cookie’s wonderful aroma. Placing it in my mouth I took the smallest bite, thoroughly enjoying the crunch, and subsequent taste. It was so buttery! Actually…too buttery for my now reprogrammed tastebuds. I wound up dropping the rest of the cookie in the garbage on the way out.
Wanna talk about having a healthier relationship with food? Contact me! And remember to give yourself gifts this holiday season – the gift of forgiveness, the gift of moving forward, and the gift of a healthy you!

Wishing you peace, love, joy and happiness,