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The Skinny on Living Large

April 19, 2012

In a monthly professional journal I receive, there was an article that instructed on language usage in classes and training, to not offend or discourage the “larger client”. I lived most of my life as overweight or obese, and I can tell you that in a world of Skinnygirl, Skinny Bitch, and skinny jeans, there is definitely discrimination and negativity, when it comes to living large. And unfortunately, I experienced that on multiple occasions in a gym setting.
The term “skinny” makes me cringe, as it sounds like being a certain size is more important than being healthy. Health is NOT a size; health is a lifestyle, which leads to positive changes in the body, such as a natural glow, beautiful skin, high energy levels, clear eyes, and a confident attitude.
Being skinny does not equate to being fit. Caring about the number that’s on the scale, without caring about physical activity is a mistake that can cause health and structural problems over time. Strength training, exercises that utilize body-weight, plus core work, will keep the body structure from deteriorating as we age, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
Shifting my focus from wanting to be skinny, to adopting a healthier lifestyle by eating more unprocessed nutritionally dense foods, finding exercises I enjoyed doing, and learning to eat mindfully, was life-changing! I also developed a better relationship with my body, and was able to look in the mirror, and love “me”. Losing weight was a natural, wonderful bonus of adopting those healthier behaviors.
Sadly, I still see some fitness instructors and trainers lack sensitivity in the area of body size. Encouraging health over skinny, and a creating a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, is good for every”body”.

To your health and happiness,

Tami Racaniello, CPT-HFI, Health EmPOWERment Coach
Helping people find a successful health/life/work balance, through nutritional guidance, customized exercise programs, & energized inspiration!